Simpsons Stamps

Apparently some things are still sent through regular mail these days. I know I still send certain bills through the mail because I’m a little confused as to how the intertubes can assure the fine folks at Citizen’s Automobile Finance that my payment arrives on time. Also, I know as soon as I enter my credit card number into anything on the Internet Nigerian bankers will come to my house, steal my money, kick the dog, smash my bearded-dragon’s heat lamp, drain the fish thank and waterboard the cat. Not cool Nigerian bankers. Not cool at all.

Any-who, the United States Postal Service is issuing a set of stamps in commemoration of everyone’s favorite animated dysfunctional family,
the Griffins the Simpsons. Much cooler than the set they issued to capitalize on the popularity of To Catch a Predator. I got the worse stares from my mailman because of those things. Anyway, you can wing over to their site, here, and vote for your favorite stamp. Go Homer.


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