Science in Progress: What’s Your Favorite Drinking Game?

Ok, so it’s super nice out and tomorrow is Friday (making today Thirsty Thursday for you college kids) so what better way to embrace all this goodness than by discussing something sure to make us all disagree: Drinking games. Personally, I’m an avid hater of board games (can’t sit still) and not much of a card player (very stingy with money) so Beirut has always been my forte. I have been known to enjoy a game of Kings and Asshole is something that everyone should be well versed in, but I bet there are a host of other games out there that are both enjoyable and intoxicating. So let’s get this ball rolling and just maybe we can learn something new that we can share with our families on Easter this Sunday.


7 Responses to Science in Progress: What’s Your Favorite Drinking Game?

  1. defender669 says:

    Thundercats: Take a drink when…anybody says THUNDER (or play on the word thunder, like Thunder Tank, or Thundrainium, or Thunderillium), HO!, or an animal type name (Cheetara, Lion-O, Panthro, Tigra..etc.). When ever there’s any awkward touching or recycled animation. If you point out an inaccuracy, YOU take a drink.

    There are many many many more rules, but for the beginner these are more than enough.

  2. Oh Mars says:

    The one where I’m alone in my room, put on a Springsteen DVD, and fill up my empties with tears.

  3. Fuck the Dealer, Kings, Beirut,

  4. A2ThaCFoSho says:

    Beer Pong is number one and being a college student, its basically my second major. (oh yeah, thats what i forgot to put on my resume..dammit!Now that alcoholics recovery clinic will never hire me). But a great game is also baseball which is a mix of beirut and flip cup. However all the rules on the internet say its played with quarters and shot glases. This is not cool and for all the people that play it that way I hope your liver shrivels up and dries out from the alcohol. Ahem. But nothing can compare to the N.H. way of drinking in high school…in your friends basement while their parents are asleep and refilling the liquor bottles with water. Ooooh, good times! And in keeping up with modern technology…drinking games for you Wii players:
    cause lets face it..Wii bowling is just as lame as real bowling.

    In reference to Jim Gaffigan: Finally, you CAN bowl sitting down. It is NOW officially the laziest sport ever!

  5. probot8 says:

    Defender, your game brings back memories of the Big Lebowski game. You always can tell who wants to get hammered because they pick either “dude” or “man” as their drinking words.

  6. the good doctor says:

    the lebowski challenge was always my favorite, but it also involves the enjoyment of a doobie every time he does, and a white russian (or caucasion if you’re in the city) every time he does. that’s a challenge i’m always willing to take. but i guess it’s not a true drinking game, more of a mindfuck. also, there are some great drinking games for movies like superbad. or you can just play drink the beer, if you do it, you win another beer.

  7. probot8 says:

    Drink the beer reminds me of another great drinking game: Whiskey. You never know how it will end!

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