How’s Your Mario Shirt?


Remember a minute ago when retro Mario/Zelda shirts were all the rage at retailers like Hot Topic? They had hoodies too and those fucking wristbands kids like to wear to hide their star tatoos from mom and dad. You know what I mean. I’m all for nostalgia but those always seemed kinda corny to me. They should have just printed shirts that said “20 Years Old.” However, there is nothing corny about the above “Hyper-Real Mario, Luigi on Nightmarish Shirt.” It’s scary awesome. The Goombas might be the scariest things I’ve ever seen (just kidding – that’s still the old man’s dick at work. He pulled it out way before he reached the urinal). They’re 20 bucks, so buy me one and get one for yourself while you’re at it.

Thanks Geekologie.


One Response to How’s Your Mario Shirt?

  1. probot8 says:

    Hey t-shirt, methinks you took too much LSD

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