Jackie Earle Haley Will Be Your Worst “Nightmare”


Since the genre of horror is rife with re-makes of everything from The Texas Chainsaw Masacre, to Last House on the Left, nothing surprises me anymore.  I have expended more anger, time, and energy on heated gripe-fests than my body can handle. The re-make of A Nightmare On Elm Street has already recived my expected axe blows, but a gleaming light of hope has rained down upon this film.  Jackie Earle Haley, best known these days as “Rorschach” in the WATCHMEN movie, will be dawning the bladed gauntlet that Robert England breathed life into.  From Variety:

“Jackie Earle Haley is moving to Elm Street, signing to star as iconic killer Freddy Krueger in New Line and Platinum Dunes” relaunch of “A Nightmare on Elm Street”.

Platinum Dunes partners Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form are producing with John Rickard co-producing. Samuel Bayer will direct from Wesley Strick’s script, with lensing set to begin next month in Chicago.

New Line decided last year to relaunch the movie series centered on the iconic killer, who haunts the dreams of teenagers and kills them in their sleep. Krueger was played by Robert England in the 1984 original, spawning nine films and two TV series”

Knowing that J.E.Haley will be nightmare man extraordinaire, I don’t think we have as much to worry about with this one as we did with Friday The 13th.  Watching how England transformed horror’s scariest icon from a truly terrifying burn victim, into a borderline cartoon character, makes me die a little inside.  Freddy was all about taking people’s biggest fears then warping them into something that would ironically slay the dreamer.  Now his repertoire of tricks (and I quote England himself) “takes pop culture and rams it in the face of America”.  Lame.  That’s not what Freddy was about, we all know that.  J.E.Haley will bring the character back to what had me looking behind me while I walked up the stairs from my grandparent’s basement, I’m sure of it.

Strange things are a brewin’ this year.  I got a Netflix account, an iPod, and am now giving my o.k. to a re-make of A Nightmare on Elm Street.  May the Gods have mercy on us all.  \m/

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