Do Not Want: Mad Men Video Game


The Sims with more scotch? This doesn’t mean that anything is in development, but Lionsgate has trademarked a Mad Men video game. Sounds…nutso exciting.

After all, Mad Men is a series that emphasizes dialog, strong characters, a complex narrative thread and many twists and turns. There are already two seasons out and a third one is in the production period, scheduled to air this year. Where can a videogame find a place between them?

The smart money is on the Mad Men videogame being just a casual title, probably centered around events that have already been depicted on the show and featuring some mini games centered around advertising, like creating the perfect slogan or the perfect art for a campaign. (Source)

Questions: Which button combination must be performed to cheat on my wife? How many cigarettes fit in my inventory? How many experience points do I need before Joan will bone down with me on the desk in my office!?!?!?


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