Diablo Cody x Oh Mars Twitter Beef!


I’ve been really into Twitter lately, or as it was cleverly referred to on UYD, “Facebook for minimalists.” Several notable celebrities tweet (Shaq, MC Hammer, Oh Mars) and darling screenwriter Diablo Cody. I “follow” Cody on Twitter and lately she’s been PO’d about referencing popular culture in movies and how “stale” it all is:

  • Am finding myself bothered by stale MySpace reference in “Jennifer’s Body.” I love MySpace and all but, you know.
  • I wonder if we can dub in “Twitter” instead. Do it on a reverse shot so it doesn’t look totally Bruce Lee.
  • I don’t know how the references in a feature script can ever stay current when the average film takes four years to develop.
  • I guess Apatow turns ‘em around extra fast. The rest of us have to deal with Sanjaya jokes in our 2009 releases.

Sometime in 2008, I tried to contact Cody for an interview (via stale Myspace). She never even read the message. Too busy polishing your Oscar, Miss Cody? La-di-dah. In case you even bothered to check out RBM you would see that we’ve interviewed cast members from Heavyweights, The Sandlot, and the god damn creator of Garbage Pail Kids!!! And Seth and Jonathan from Uhh Yeah Dude. AND Frank Conniff and Paul Schrier. Not to mention our 10 Questions series. WE may not be “Entertainment Weekly” but we’ve got it where it counts. We would like to ask all of our readers (all 24 of you) with Twitter accounts to please get at Diablo Cody and tell her the only way to progress her career is through a RBM interview. We just want to help Cody.


12 Responses to Diablo Cody x Oh Mars Twitter Beef!

  1. cindy says:

    This reminds me of a story of a lesser known, more local famous person, Mr. Johnny Cupcakes. A friend (who used to swear by his name-brand tees and who actually got me into him) lost another friend in a car crash a few years back. This particular friend of a friend was a huge Johnny fan himself. He was at every event, every new launching . . . etc. Johnny had built a repertoire with him, and Johnny went to the funeral.
    A few months ago I went to work modeling one of my new tees off to my friend. She said, “Ugh. I can’t stand him anymore since Eli’s funeral. He came and then I commented on his myspace, thanking him for coming and he NEVER commented me back.” I have a habit of being sucked into people’s worlds . . . so for the next few minutes while I was with her, I sorta hated Johnny, too. Then she left. Then the reality of what she said to me set in.
    You can’t always get what you want . . . but you get what you need, RBM? Regardless I’m looking forward to all the clever rhetoric. Battle on.

  2. autobotsrollout says:

    i’m not really sure who cody is, but she kiiiiinda gives me a boner.

  3. M.Mcwilliams says:

    hold on, so your telling me you had the opportunity to interview cast members from not only The Sandlot, but also the greatest summer camp movie ever made, Heavyweights? Do you have any job openings? Also, was it the fat kid who jumps his go-kart at the end for the win? Hope so.

  4. probot8 says:

    Cody was responsible for making us listen to all the new-folk garbage in Juno.

  5. Greg says:

    @cindy Cupcakes’ line is pretty wack. The Statue of Liberty holding a cupcake!?!
    And I think Mars’ is just kidding about beefing with Diablo.
    Quit harshing their mellow with your shitty anecdotes.

  6. victorianblood says:

    She’s a dud, so by default, her interview would end up being just as dull as she is.

  7. cindy says:

    @ greg funny you should mention The Statue of Liberty . . . free country, free speech? And I don’t have a typical 9-5, so I like wearing something that reminds me to have a little pride about where I come from(Baaahhhhston) and my love of cupcakes. I ♥ sugar. And I rather prefer to think of Mr. Mars taking on corporate-laced Cody, challenging her not to turn her back on the fans that made her. Wasn’t it Tina Fey who challenged her blog-haters in a sense recognizing the emergence of certain pop-phenomena. I thought this blog rather liked that. Besides posting online invites responses of all kinds. Roll with the punches, I think Mr. Mars is strong enough for that.

    @ probot8, moldy peaches ain’t that bad on a rainy day

    and the best line from any movie ever growing up (besides the ever-inspirational, “Goonies never say die!”) would have to go to that chubby red-headed catcher from the Sandlot in the classic psych of all psych-outs, “If my dog was as ugly as you, I’d shave its butt and tell it to walk backwards.”
    The only line I remember from Juno, was the note Juno left for the adopting mommy, “I’m in, if you’re in.” So when Mars kids/not kids/kids about beefing with Cody, I like to play along, ya dig?

    and oh yeah, @ autorobotrollsout, if I were a dude, I’d totally do Cody. She looks like a wild one

  8. Oh Mars says:

    You fairies play nice now.

  9. A2ThaCFoSho says:

    Hey, mess with Probot and you’ll have to answer to me.

  10. oRaNgE says:

    Juno wasn’t that bad. The dialogue was pretty annoying and Michael Cera is sort of…wait, yeah it blew.
    Moldy Peaches are quirky and that’s never good as far as music goes.
    I never checked out your interviews until this post and HOLY SHIT.

  11. Oh Mars says:

    I just really want to talk to her because we’re both ex-strippers so we’d have so much in common.
    Will I see “Jennifer’s Body?” Yes. But only because Megan Fox is the BEST actress.

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