Bruce Returns to Oklahoma, 31 Years Later


Bruce and E Street played Tulsa last night, returning to Oklahoma for the first time in 31 years. To commemorate, he kept new songs to minimum (playing only four from the new album) and took several requests from the crowd:

Bruce greeted the crowd: “So glad to be in Oklahoma! The last time we played here…” He left it hanging as the crowd cheered, the clear implication being, have we ever played Oklahoma? Well, yeah, but not since the 1978 Darkness on the Edge of Town tour in Norman. So in a way, Springsteen gave ’em the Born in the U.S.A. show they never got. (Source)

Fans have been referring to the tour thus far as “The Recession Tour,” as they’ve been playing plenty of songs each night reflecting our fucked economy. And songs to help pick us up. In two weeks, the Church of Springsteen rolls into Boston for a two-night revival. Oh Mars will be there on the second night, he’s in ferocious need of a soul hug.


One Response to Bruce Returns to Oklahoma, 31 Years Later

  1. victorianblood says:

    “He played for fourteen hours! People started to fall asleep, so Bruce, being the awesome dude that he is, had security bring in two thousand pillow top mattresses and played lullabies until the whole crowd fell sleep! When I woke up, I was one of the last leave. When I got to the front of the venue, I saw some guy dancing with a mop, singing to himself and cleaning the hell out of the floor. As I passed him, he looked up at me…it was Bruce! ‘Sleep like a tiger, my man?’ he asked me. I wasn’t sure what he meant exactly by the tiger thing, but I was grateful none-the-less! Short for words, I said, ‘Yeah, Mr. Springsteen, I sure did.’ He nodded and smiled and said, ‘Good to hear, amigo. By the way, call me Bruce.’ I nodded back and walked out the door. ‘Bruce,’ I chuckled to myself, ‘What a guy.’ As I got to my car and looked back, I could see Bruce, whistling and mopping, not a care in the world. It was without a doubt the best show I have ever been to.” – Kurt Mason, Oklahoma concert attendee

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