School Bus Drivers STILL Need Our Help

A little while back I reported that we needed to help school bus drivers, remember? Well, apparently they still need our help because this is just a little too far over the line to be pulling in a school bus full of elementary students no matter how awful those rascally bastards are acting:

BRATTLEBORO, Vt. – A bus driver accused of slamming on the brakes to discipline children on her bus when they misbehaved was arrested. Police said the sudden stops caused the elementary school children to hit their heads on the seat in front of them or fall on to the floor. No one was seriously injured.

According to WCAX-TV, the 38-year-year-old driver was charged with careless and negligent operation (source).

Really, Mrs. Brattleboro, Vermont. School Bus Driver? Opie and Anthony used to talk about the “perv-switch” that is in peoples’ heads and how whenever one of these psycho dudes gropes some chick on a subway or exposes himself it’s because their perv-switch just flipped and they were no longer in control. Interesting theory to say the least. Well, I think that something similar must have happend to this woman. She’s probably been dealing with these whippersnappers for several years now, putting up with the whinning, taunting, teasing and whatever other incessant bullshit kids are pulling on school buses these days and finally just snapped.  In this case I would call it a malfunction of the logic-switch.

Now, I know we’ve all done this before with passengers in our car, but that right there is what makes all the difference in the world. We’re in OUR cars with OUR dumb friends who need to be taught a lesson. I personally blame the economy for this type of incident. We’re starting to see a lot of people just freaking out and doing bogus shit and my guess is that it’s because these people who are already pretty strapped for cash and living on a tight budget are being put under even crazier pressure with bills, mortgages, food prices, health insurance, North Korea firing missiles, earthquakes killing people in Italy and Obama’s over in Europe so no one’s even here to make us feel better and GAAAAA I feel like I’m taking crazy pills and WHAM!!! You slam your brakes because little Billy just whipped a ding-dong at the back of your head.

Everyone just be cool.


2 Responses to School Bus Drivers STILL Need Our Help

  1. A2ThaCFoSho says:

    This shit just doesnt happen on the short buses. I would know, I used to ride them. I wasnt retarded or anything, I just like the ego boost of knowing I was the only kid there who could wipe their own ass. I found myself really liking my fellow passengers though, as they were always good listeners. Mostly cause they had limited functioning and couldnt really talk or throw stuff. Just drool a few puddles here and there you would have to be careful not to slip in when you got onto the bus. The warning sign on the door always reminded me to watch out so it was never an issue. Yeh, it was pretty mellow. But occasionally one of those little buggers would go off like a fricken firecracker and start freaking out and yelling for no reason. But EVEN THEN the bus driver never lost her cool and slammed on the brakes. She was very patient. She would just slowly pull the bus over and softly explain to us that if we didnt behave she would do what our parents didnt have the balls to do before we were born..get rid of us. But if a kid was really acting up, she would wrap the seatbelt around him seven or eight times fastening their arms to their side, like in a mental institution. That usually did the trick. No need to stop quick and slam their heads into the seat…I mean c’mon, they are already retarded. Good times. Now if only more people could be as tolerant and understanding of those who are different as much as I. Shout out to all my special people…if only you had the ability to read this. Go short bus!

  2. Oh Mars says:

    I think the main problem is that kids are pussies nowadays. I had a bus driver that used to call us all faggots and threaten to drop us off at prison.

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