New Eminem: We Made You

Oh Eminem, you never will lose your touch for being the best white-rapping social commentator on the planet. This track and video are strikingly similar to what he’s done in the past on The Real Slim Shady or My Name Is, but he knows what he’s doing. Tear apart everything in pop culture that the public has had just about enough of and poof! hit singles and platinum records come rolling in. Plus, a song like this cranks out the ring tone downloads, which is how the kids are listening to music nowadays I guess.

So, all the versions of this have been disabled, but if you just clip on the player it should throw you over to youtube. If not, you can watch it here.


3 Responses to New Eminem: We Made You

  1. Pete Zorbist says:

    one of the outfits he wore looked like a younger seth from UYD, in the subway commercial era.

  2. I love it, back to his old ways! I know that this means the new album will be awesome.

  3. Oh Mars says:

    First MC to use “ventolin inhaler” in a rhyme? Bravo.

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