Heavy Metal Monday: 4/6/09


Wow, what a kick ass weekend.  Three straight days of good times with good friends, and good beers.  From celebrating the return home of a long time friend, to 1a.m. taco runs while tooling around blasting Slayer, it was nothing but sweet partying.  Why should it end, even though it’s Monday?  Quiet Riot never stopped-a-rockin’, so let’s not either.  These guys rocked and raged so often, that they composed a song of doing just that.  Dawn your lamp shade helmet, call all the sluts in your cell, and drink till ya drop!

Quiet Riot: Party All Night

On November 25th, 2007, the wild voice of lead singer Kevin DuBrow was silenced forever from a cocaine overdose.  The band split up, as a result.  I have to say that I was super bummed when I heard this news.  I had attended a Quiet Riot show a few years prior to DuBrow’s death, and was lucky enough to have met the guy.  Super nice dude, as well as a man who is always down for a good time.  I smuggled an air horn into The Tweeter Center, then waited for the perfect time to unleash a blast of hell.  It was right when DuBrow was talking to the crowd.  Fucking awesome.  I asked him, “What did you think of that horn blast?”.  His response, “That was YOU?!  I haven’t had that much fun in YEARS!  It was like being at a FOOTBALL GAME!”.  He will be missed.

Dust off yer copy of Metal Health, then bang your head until you can feel you skull petruding from your forehead.  If you don’t get that sensation, you’re doing it all wrong.  \m/


One Response to Heavy Metal Monday: 4/6/09

  1. Antonio says:

    Here-here. I’ll toast to that. I’ll have to agree that this band will be missed. After seeing them so many times live as a high school kid without a care/concern in the world, I and my buds always thought they’d all live forever. Lesson learned.

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