Happy Opening Day/Rain Out

Fenway Park, Opening Day 1912

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather on Sunday, I know I did out in lovely Amherst, Mass. ,  because things ain’t looking too good for the Red Sox Opening Day game slated to start at 2:05 pm this afternoon. Hey, woulda been nice if they could have bumped the game up a day, huh?

On WBCN this morning Toucher & Rich were discussing if the Sox were holding off on canceling the game just to get people into the park and buying beer, food etc. They noted that the White Sox had already called off their game. I understand wanting to get some of the Opening Day ceremonies in and stuff, but if they know that there’s no chance of getting the game in why not just hold off for a day and get whole shebang in tomorrow? It is an off day. Makes you wonder…

Oh well, I could really care less about front office motives at this point, I’m just happy the season is here.  Woo.

3 Responses to Happy Opening Day/Rain Out

  1. A2ThaCFoSho says:


  2. Justin says:

    Better than just playing through the rain tho, or sitting there until like 4pm waiting to see when they’ll decide to postpone the game. At least it was decided relatively early… just not quick enough to get to a bunch of people already heading over. I’ve been lucky enough so far to not have gone to Fenway for a game that’s been rained out yet.

  3. the good doctor says:

    i haven’t either, thank goodness. another thing toucher and rich mentioned was phish tickets for fenway park. hopefully i’ll get some for the presale, but won’t know until the 19, bicycle day for those unaware, so have an intentional experiment and celebrate albert hoffman and hope i get tickets cause that would be neat.

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