FROST Gives New Meaning To “Blue Balls”


I doesn’t take much for sex starved basement dwellers to get excited.  Weather it be anime, video games, or a brief glimpse of the neighborhood hottie, socially inept individuals need a way to purge said excitement.  Photographer Gil P has discovered the key to send nerd crotch rockets into blast-off mode; take super hot ladies, get a camera, then dress them up like a video game babe.  Here we have the lovely Marie-Claude Bourbonnais, vamping it up as Frost from Mortal Kombat: Armageddon.





She may be as cold as Niflheim, with the ability to literally freeze yer nuts off; but being the Viking that I am, a little chill in the air is nothing new.  Her eyes just scream “let’s wrastle!”.  Bring it on Ice Queen!

(We at RBM are not responsible for kiddies under 18 that venture to Gil P’s site, or if a heat attack ensues from viewing his photos)


One Response to FROST Gives New Meaning To “Blue Balls”

  1. Justin says:

    Dunno what it is about these pics, but it’s almost as if her boobs were and after-thought. Mostly in the 2nd pic because of the shadows.

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