Defender Takes On “Capture Device”


Horror, Sci-Fi, and Psycho-Thriller films rock no matter the time length.  Some of the better movies in those genres aren’t very long at all.  They mess with your mind, bug you out, then send you to your shower so you can scrub away the creepy.  A metal maiden that I know tipped me off to one such film.

Only 10 seconds shy of becoming a 9 minute film, Capture Device causes the viewer to think twice about their handy dandy electronics, and is a reality check to all of those cam whores out there.

As short as this film is, I was surprised by how much director Mike Pecci pulled off with a budget that seemed large enough for a trip to the zoo (two tickets, some peanuts, and a half hour’s worth of monkey mocking).  I couldn’t help but be reminded of a warped version of The Truman Show, not to mention Kristen Bell’s film PULSE (killer cell phones! look out!!).  The fact that the only dialogue is nonsensical channel surfing, and the screams of a woman gone mad, freaks the crap out of me.  It adds to the eerie tone, along with throwing possible shit acting into the trash.  Getting to see a little boob action is never a bad thing either.  Good call Mike.

The only info on Mike Pecci I could find was on his website.  I have seen some of his photo shoots on Suicide Girls and they kick ass.  He has done some music videos, commercials, television spots, and podcasts as well.  My “Viking Sense” tells me that we will be seeing a lot of this man in the years to come.

As for the lovely leading lady GRANNY SUICIDE, she can be found amongst the slue of ink riddled dames that cuse men world wide to salivate over their keyboards while clicking the living shit out of pics at the Suicide Girls website.  I’d offer to draw you a map of how to track her down to say “hi!” or “nice work!”, but knowing GRANNY she would probably dismember me, then use my parts in her next photo shoot if I did.  That I don’t need.

Check out Mike’s site, find a Shirpa to guide you to GRANNY, and watch Capture Device until you start wondering if it’s happening to YOU.  \m/


2 Responses to Defender Takes On “Capture Device”

  1. Gabriel says:

    \m/ indeed

  2. […] spotted my friend Kelly.  You may remember her from that short film I reviewed eons ago called Capture Device (another piece of Mike Pecci’s glory).  If you don’t remember, it only makes sense to […]

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