“Get Happy” With Anne Hathaway


News around the Variety water cooler is that Anne Hathaway will be portraying Judy Garland in the film version of Get Happy: The Life of Judy Garland.  If she can pull this off (like there’s any doubt) there’s a buff golden man in her future.  Here’s what Variety had to say about what’s causing Oh Mars to hold his books at belt level:

“Anne Hathaway will play Judy Garland in the Weinstein Co.’s legit and film adaptations of the Gerald Clarke-penned biography “Get Happy.”

TWC recently optioned legit and film rights to the book, first published by Delta in 2001.

VP of production and development Ben Famiglietti, whose purview includes both film and legit productions, said it is unclear which version would come first. The stage version would naturally be cheaper and quicker to produce, but some filmmakers could even guide both, starting with a film.

The actress, who showed off her singing chops during this year’s Oscarcast, has long been discussed as a promising candidate for a Broadway stint. Over the past few years she’s been tipped to be circling a couple of Rialto tuners, including “Guys and Dolls” (which opened this spring with another cast) and a potential revival of “Promises, Promises.”

There’s no question about it, Anne Hathaway would be the perfect person for the roll.  Hell, she even looks like her.  I just hope that if they decide to re-shoot any scenes from The Wizard of Oz, that they consider a certain blond goofball for the roll of the Cowardly Lion.  It could happen.


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