Crazy Crap: 3/23/09

Video game graphics, action, and game play these days are seriously outrageous.  Some of these things have cut scenes that could rival some Hollywood films.  But with all games now constantly trying to one-up it’s competitor, it’s hard for many people to remember the golden age of home consoles, and how truly difficult those games were in comparison.  There’s an individual on youtube who takes the time to point out the flaws in some of Nintendo’s super frustrating games.  He’s a major fan of Rolling Rock, and has a massive temper.  He is the Angry Nintendo Nerd.

Top Gun

The Power Glove



It may be 4 in the afternoon, but it’s still prime time to start drinking.  Hit up a beer store, get a nice 12 pack to get you through this nice day, and watch this guy rip the hell out of old video games.  Once you have a good buz numbing your sences, you’ll be able to tollerate his over usage of the F-Bomb.  \m/


3 Responses to Crazy Crap: 3/23/09

  1. Steakbomb says:

    I had the first top gun, and it wasn’t as hard as he’s making it out to be. I played this shit when I was like 8 years old and I could land the plane and refuel. True, it was really hard…but it was possible. I myself have never gotten beyond the third level.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m in the same boat as ya, Steakbomb. I’ve landed a few times and refueled maybe 2-3 times successfully, but third level… no go. Almost like trying to beat Battletoads without a Game Genie. Which in itself is still an epic pain.

  3. […] doesn’t it?  If you’re one of the millions who frequent RBM, you may remember my 3/23/09 Crazy Crap posting about The Angry Video Game Nerd.  Well some dude who is very skilled in the use of Mario Paint, […]

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