Great Moments in IN YOUR FACE! History

HBO’s new series Eastbound & Down has rekindeled my love for Will Ferrell. I find it pretty remarkable that he can pull the same schtick time and again and make it work. And to be honest, Blades of Glory could have been a very annoying movie. In fact, I’m sure a lot of people found it annoying. I was not one of them. I laughed my ass off and this little moment of IN YOUR FACE! history is a testament to Ferrell’s ability to be bring his A game no matter what. Oh, and I don’t give a crap that him and Napoleon Dynamite actually tie in this scene. It is still a great moment in IN YOUR FACE! history.


2 Responses to Great Moments in IN YOUR FACE! History

  1. Anonymous says:

    Probot Michael Michaels…an ice devouring sex tornado.

  2. probot8 says:

    That is probably my favorite quote from the movie. That, and Chaz’s response to Jimmy when he informs him of the tie: “You’re high.” Priceless. Equally priceless is the title of Chaz’s book, “Let Me Put My Poems in You.”

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