Some Culture

One of my roommates is in South Carolina right now auditioning for the PGA Tour and he just sent me picture mail of the world famous Angel Oak tree, because he knows I love trees. I poked around on wikipedia and found out that this thing is over 1,500 years old and believed to be the oldest organism east of Joan, I mean the Mississippi River. The tree has a 9 foot diameter and is approximately 65 feet tall. To learn more, go here.


2 Responses to Some Culture

  1. the good doctor says:

    i’m so jealous of mr. mctwapiece. i used to have that tree as my background for my laptop because it was so neat, and i haven’t been able to see it in real life yet. congrats twa, hit a double eagle. pga all the way!

  2. Eric McTwapiece says:

    That tree was the king of choads! The trunk might have been 9 feet around but, the canopy was so immense that some of the branches actually grew underground and then popped back out several feet away. It was unbelievable when we pulled up to it in my Escalade it was actually bigger then the spinners on my car.(which is hard to do) Tiger and I were happy that we had time to stop and enjoy nature for a minute while we burned down a fatty. The tranquility of the area(mixed with some herbs) helped me to achieve an all time new record score that even Tiger wouldn’t have believed if he wasn’t there. He shot a 20 on 18 holes and I beat him by 2 strokes getting an amazing 18 holes in one in a row. I have since decided that golf is to easy for me so I am going to continue searching for a sport that is more challenging. I would recommend to anyone that travels to South Carolina to stop and look at that tree. Oh and by the way TIGER IN YOUR FACE!!!!!
    McTwapiece OUT

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