“WATCHMEN” Get A Little Animated


Since the world has gone WATCHMEN wacky, it would make total sense if a clean cartoon was created to cater to the little kiddies.  Too bad they didn’t think of this 20 years ago.  Us ’80’s born super soldiers had the greatest cartoons of all time, and that’s a fact.  The time has come to give the next generation of human worm babies a taste of awesome, so let’s hope this show comes true.

Let’s see…what would make a good title for this show?  Teenage Mutant Night Time Watchmen?  Silk Spectre and the Holograms?  Turbo Jon?  That’s Our Comedian?  The Ozymandias and Bubastis Mystery Hour?  There are so many possibilities.  Scribble down what you think the show should be called.  Maybe if we have enough ideas, we can pitch them to a network.

One Response to “WATCHMEN” Get A Little Animated

  1. We found the squid from the comic book hidden in the movie!

    Check it out:


    Easter eggs for the win.

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