Vince Broke the Code

Well, here it is. Billy Mays on the Adam Carolla show. Turns out that the Shamwow, or should I say Scamwow, is the Zorbee. Vince stole it from Billy and broke the Pitch-Man Code.

Then Billy kicks a freestyle about it.  Because he’s the freaking man.

Why do I get the feeling this is going to get messy? Vince is going to find himself tied to a chair Reservoir Dogs style with Billy’s crew circling him.

Goon 1: Why’dja gotta go and do that Vince?

Goon 2: Yeah, everything was all peaceful-like, but now, now things just ain’t right. (sweeps straight-blade knife up and down leg)

Vince: Guys, guys c’mon. It’s just a little towel.

Goon 1: I’m afraid not Vince. (cracks knuckles)

Goon 2: This is the most absorbent towel in the world we’re talkin’ about.

Goon 1: Say goodnight, Vince…


3 Responses to Vince Broke the Code

  1. Dover Firefighter says:

    The basement of the episcopal church in Dover, NH is the holding site for the Dover Fire Department’s annual holiday toy drive.

    This year, because of a once in a lifetime ice storm, that basement was completely flooded (the result of a very unGodly burst pipe) and all the toys were ruined.

    Or were they?

    No. Thy weren’t. Why? Because an 86 year old nun dried out the entire church basement and all the toys with a single sham wow.

    Zorbee sucks. Sham What!

  2. A2ThaCFoSho says:

    Either way…gonna need that shit to absorb all the blood cause its going down! Billy vs. Vince. Battle royal! The fight will consist of the two towel slapping each others asses locker room style until one cries. Who’s towel will hurt more??

  3. Eric McTwapiece says:

    That was pretty gay locker room nudity involving men is not good. Chuck Norris that mutha fucka right in the face.

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