Thursday Throwbacks: 3/5/09


“The future is not set.  There is not fate but what we make..” blah, blah, blah.  Anybody in their mid to late 20’s should remember that amazing message from Kyle Reese.  A man who battles time itself to try and save our robot rampaged future is somebody you respect.  But before this dope story was told to us in ’84, there was a slight fad in animation where “post apocalyptic” was tossing lame wad story ideas away like a mighty warrior in a game of Cartoon Motif King of the Mountain.  Out of the clusterfuck rose a show that stood above the rest (in my eyes at least).  Robots, monsters, and hot ass sorceress sluts were aplenty in the fantastic fantasy world of Thundarr the Barbarian:

Episode 1:  Secret of the Black Pearl

Episode 2:  Harvest of Doom

Of all the mutant, alien born, human/animal hybrid, magically malformed monsters of our time, Ookla the Mok would have to be right up with Chewbacca as all time bad ass.  Both furry fiends rocked some form of a bow, spoke in their native garbled tongue, and palled around with one of the few that could understand them.  The only thing that made Ookla stand above the whimsical Wookiee was his trusty steed.  Named Equort, this reptilian/insectoid mount carried Ookla across the putrid plains of future Earth along side Thundarr and Princess Ariel’s “regular” horses.

I understand that a certain moving piture will be circulating the world, beginning tonight, so it’s understandable if Thundarr isn’t your main priority.  Be forewarned, Wookiee’s may tear your arms off, but a Mok will drink the blood from the dangling appendages, then beat you savagely with them.  Watch Thundarr! \m/


3 Responses to Thursday Throwbacks: 3/5/09

  1. Fortress Guy says:

    Dude! What is there NOT to respect about Kyle Reese? I am with you on that 100%.

    Thundar was surprisingly apocalyptic for Saturday mornings. I was a little surprised. And yeah, they acknowledged that Ookla the mok was “wookie inspired”. Ha.

    Check out my just finished take on the whole series:

  2. Oh says:

    Which moving picture are you mentioning? Watchers or Hannah Montana? I’m leaning towards Hannah.

  3. Defender669 says:

    I think it was Watchmen

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