You’ll NEVER Guess Where This Happened

Please allow me the opportunity to paint you all a picture of a little scenario. A woman arrives at a fine McDonald’s establishment and orders up a delicious 10-piece Chicken McNugget. The cashier rings in the order and American currency is exchanged.

Now things get a little wacky.

The woman is informed that McDonald’s is all out of Chicken McNuggets (completely understandable that such a delicious food item would become sold out), but that she can receive a larger portion of another menu item (like some kind of McDonald’s store credit). Now, at some point in this, what I can only imagine was a completely civil exchange undertaken in indoor voices, the woman becomes whipped into such a frenzy because she is unable to receive her 10-piece McNugget that no food is served to her and she does not receive her money back. She subsequently calls 911 three times over the failed transaction and is cited for misuse of 911 (source).

Now, before cheating and checking my source, what state did this happen in?

A) New Hampshire

B) Florida

C) Georgia

D) Oh Mars’ house

E) In the freakiest news event ever, all of the above.

Oh, why the hell can’t McDonald’s give you your freaking money back?


One Response to You’ll NEVER Guess Where This Happened

  1. Patrick says:

    I would freak the fuck out over mcnuggets

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