No End In Sight For “The Never Ending Story”


Before you begin to read this mind-fuck of Earth shattering information, I would like for you to take your entire childhood fun-times-memory-bank (All of it), and slam your fist onto the history eraser button harder than Thor felling a Frost Giant.  What I have to say is so heinous, that I can actually hear my little Viking self hysterically crying through the annals of time.  Hold on tight.

Much like what Tim Burton did with Willy Wonka, the dudes who brought us that movie with Brad Pitt getting reverse-oldified are working on a re-telling of The Never Ending Story that’s closer to the German novel it was spawned from.  Sounds like utter Rock Biter shit, I know.  But even I put an intrigued finger to the side of my mouth when I read what the boys over at I Watch Stuff uncovered:

The Never Ending Story was based on a German book of the same name, and according to the always-accurate Wikipedia page for the film, the author was so displeased with how far it strayed from the source material, he sued:

“This film adaptation only covered the first half of the book… The novel’s author, Michael Ende, felt that this adaptation’s content deviated so far from his book that he requested they either halt production or change the name; when they did neither, he sued them and subsequently lost the case.”

To be quite honest, this sounds like a spectacular idea.  Even though the original film had me convinced that such creatures as “luck dragons” existed, I would enjoy seeing just what could have been.

On the other hand, the thought of TNES getting suffocated in a CGI soaked “vision” does send the last two Angry Woppers I consumed rocketing forth from the deepest parts of my digestive system.


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