Michael Jackson: The King of… Fish and Chips?!?

On Thursday March 5th the only “Michael” crazier than Mike Tyson will make an announcement in London, England that is rumored to be his admission of guilt in all those little kid-touching laws suits notification to the public on his return to live performing. Sources close to the blah blah blah are saying Jackson’s going to put on 30 live shows in London this year, making him the Chris Angel of whatever the hell venue wants to give this sorry bastard some work and make a boat load of cash off him in the meantime.

I liken MJ to Chris Angel’s Las Vegas show (is that still running?) because clearly it is going to become more about the spectacle of the event than the actual (poor) performance.

Sorry Mikey, you’re 50 years old and decompsing like garbage in the hot sun, if you’re putting on 30 shows I’m setting the over-under at you acutally making 25 and taking the under. There’s no chance in hell you make all those dates. Actually, Hell is probably the only place you’ll ever make all dates you’re scheduled to appear. Good luck and let the freak show begin (source).

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