It’s Morphin’ Time!: The RBM Paul “Bulk” Schrier Interview


We all know who to call when there’s ghosts. But who on Earth do you call when there’s a 50 foot monster running rampant through the streets, blasting buildings, and making bad puns? Sounds like a lot of work to me. How about a team of spandex clad rangers and their arsenal of robotic Zords? In the quiet town of Angel Grove, a group of five teenagers were called upon to do just that.

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (MMPR) is a long-running television series using dubbed footage from the Japanese show tokusatsu Super Sentai spliced with American actors. Beginning back in ’93 and continuing it’s epic run to this day, MMPR was a show about six (originally five) teenagers who would “morph” into powerful superheroes to protect the world from Rita Repulsa and her evil monster minions, while dealing with their every day problems. One major problem they faced on a daily basis, was the punk team of Farkas “Bulk” Bulkmeier and Eugene “Skull” Skullovitch. These two leather clad lamebrains would always try to ruin the Ranger’s fun times, even though they would usually end up covered head to toe in whipped cream, or left with their pants hanging out in ankle town. But their endless optimism and polished slapstick led to some timeless humor that hipster doofuses may turn their noses up at. Screw them. Bulk and Skull are the only kids from Angel Grove that RBM wants to hang out with.


Actor Paul Schrier portrayed Bulk and created a classic, love-to-hate-him punk who, when not harassing the do-gooders, probably spent his time listening to “Ride the Lightning” and leafing through his old man’s nudie mags (stuff we didn’t think about as kids, but, you know, let’s be realistic). Schrier now resides in the non-fictional city of Burbank, California where he is, apparantely, a secret agent.

How did you land the roll of Farkas “Bulk” Bulkmeier on Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers?

I auditioned after booking an appointment through my Los Angeles Agent. I could fight, and I was fat…the funny was kind of tertiary. Good audition, I booked the job right there for Punk #5.

What was your favorite monster from the show?

The 50 Ft. Bulk, of course.

If it came down to blows, who do you think would win: Goldar or Lord Zedd?

Lord Zedd would murder Goldar, totally. I’D LIKE TO SEE THE FIGHT!

It looked like you and Jason “Skull” Narvy had a blast working together. Were you guys buds by the end of the show?

Sure, we were buds from moment one, did many plays together off-show, and ran around like maniacs getting into heaps of trouble. Great guy.


How about the rest of the cast? Were they as nice in person as they appeared on screen?

Sure, mostly. Just like any other job, some people you’re drawn to, some you’re not…but everyone was cool.

Did any madness ensue off camera?

Madness? of course. All the time. Even right now, I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore.

What is your all time favorite memory from working on Power Rangers?

Working in Australia for 6 months on the first movie. That totally rocked.

Do you still have any of Bulk’s trademark leather jackets or bandannas?

I have a few props and costumes, but the leather was funk-o-rama from being constantly pummeled with yogurt and ice cream, and catsup, and mustard, and…oh well, you get it.

Even though your seasons have been over for quite some time, do you still keep in touch with any of the other cast members?

I do. Walter, Narvy, JDF…I still speak with those guys a lot.

l_5989b8b0132441aeaa48123e726a65e81How has life after Power Rangers been treating you?

Good. I’m on a secret mission for the U.S. Government right now. Can;t talk about it….but I’m rocking the Casbah daily, for sure.

(Due to years of rocking hard, I had a major brain fart in the middle of the interview. Paul totally called me on it…)

Paul – I have one important question for YOU. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH QUESTION 10???!!!! IS THIS SOME KIND OF HOSTAGE THING??!!! FREE QUESTION 10!!!! (In the original email, the questions were numbered 1 to 11, with 10 being mysteriously absent)

Defender – “Hahahaha You totally caught me brother.”
Was it great ruling the Rangers with an iron fist on the episodes you directed?

My Goal of freedom for question 10 has been achieved!!! Sure…my only goal was to treat the crew well, wrap early, and get everyone out of there on time. Directing is great, but super-incredibly tough…really crazy job.

General Bulk-Goodness:

Paul reigned supreme being the longest running character on MMPR from ’93 – ’99, and was the last remaining original character to leave the show. He has taken the jump from on screen to director’s chair, having directed a few Power Rangers episodes, 16 episodes of the Hello Kitty animated series, and the short film An Easy Thing.

We at RBM would like to thank Paul Schrier for his time, and demand that all of you out there track down as much MMPR as you can. If you don’t, you’ll have an angry “Bulk” crashing through your door with a few words for you.

Check out Paul on Myspace and drop him a hello.


2 Responses to It’s Morphin’ Time!: The RBM Paul “Bulk” Schrier Interview

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  2. sanford hampton says:

    Hello, the Power Rangers were recently re-purchased by Saban Entertainment, I was a former Co-Producer. They are trying to located Paul Shrier, so anybody with contact info on him would be greatly appreciated. My wife is Iris Hampton/Casting Director and other contact, Jonathan Tzachor/Producer. Thanks,

    Sanford Hampton
    Co Producer
    619 405-8970

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