I Think I Just Mathgasmed

I know what you’re all saying, March 3rd is for the birds. Well, not this March 3rd mis compadres. That’s because today is Square Root Day. What is Square Root Day? Well:

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Dust off the slide rules and recharge the calculators. Square Root Day is upon us.

The math-buffs’ holiday, which only occurs nine times each century, falls on Tuesday — 3/3/09 (for the mathematically challenged, three is the square root of nine).

“These days are like calendar comets, you wait and wait and wait for them, then they brighten up your day — and poof — they’re gone,” said Ron Gordon, a Redwood City teacher who started a contest meant to get people excited about the event.

The winner gets, of course, $339 for having the biggest Square Root Day event.

Gordon’s daughter even set up a Facebook page — one of a half-dozen or so dedicated to the holiday — and hundreds of people had signed up with plans to celebrate in some way. Celebrations are as varied: Some cut root vegetables into squares, others make food in the shape of a square root symbol.

The last such day was five years ago, Feb. 2, 2004, which coincided with Groundhog Day. The next is seven years away, on April 4, 2016. (source)

I don’t necessarily think of today as a calendar comet like this Ron Gordon character does, but hey, we can’t all be dedicated enough to live in mom’s basement mastering the finer details of calendar-math astronomy. Although, I’m going to try and do my part and win that money for the RBM coffers by finding the square root of everything I come in contact with today.  First up: My V8. Square root = V2.828.  I apologize, math jokes are fucking terrible…

One Response to I Think I Just Mathgasmed

  1. A2ThaCFoSho says:

    You know what they say…be there or be square!

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