Calf Born With Two Heads: Farmer Not Tripping Balls

You know the saying “Everthing’s bigger in Texas,” well Missouri may be able to coin the phrase “Everything’s two-headed in Missiouri.” Dosn’t exactely roll off the tongue, but it could catch on if more of these stories pop up:

ALDRICH, Mo. – A southwest Missouri cattleman has been delivering calves at his farm for a long time, but a calf born this week sure was different. This one had two heads. Scott Clift said he delivered the chocolate-colored male calf Wednesday morning at his farm near Aldrich, in Polk County. Clift said the calf had two fully-formed heads that appeared to be connected to its body just behind the skull.

Clift said late Thursday that the calf lived about a day and a half. It was unable to walk, so Clift and his family bottle-fed the animal until it died at 6 p.m. Clift said “We’ve never seen anything like it.”

Few people have, said University of Missouri Extension livestock specialist Eldon Cole. Such births do happen — the condition is known as polycephaly — but Cole says “They’re pretty darn rare.” (source)


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