The Blair Zombie Project


Since the release of The Blair Witch Project, first person filming is slowly on the rise.  With the early ’08 release of Cloverfield, it wasn’t too long before another FPF (First Person Film) snaked its way out of the Play-dough factory that is Hollywood, and into our living rooms. 

Like every other John-Q Movie-Goer, I saw The Blair Witch and was left thinking “That’s It?  I paid 8 bucks for that?!”.  It was lame.  When viewing a horror-esque movie, there needs to be either gore, some blood, or a damn monster/creature/bad guy that’s cleaving nice people in two.  It’s very upsetting when the film ends abruptly, and there’s no visual of the evil doer.  Coverfield got it right.  They lured the audience in with no sight of the monster, but delivered throughout the course of the picture with a gargantuan space alien, the likes of witch have never been seen by the eyes of this reporter.  Freaked the hell out of me.

Aside from the actual monster, Cloverfield was a beautiful take on the flip-side of a Godzilla movie.  I have always thought it would be a great idea to see a titanic monster invasion through the eyes of one knee deep in the shit.  But as amazing as Cloverfield was, I still felt there was a better creature to be used for an FPF.  The Gods were truly on my side last year, for out of my dreams came Quarantine.

Zombies fucking rule.  Even the new bat shit crazy, marathon running zombies (as I’ve come to accept) rule the school.  I find it super interesting to watch a film from the perspective of a person stuck in a zombie/infection besieged apartment building, and you know damn fool well that you do too.  I’m not the only one who has drunken conversations with my buds about what we’d do on the day the dead rise, and that’s a fact.

My only problem with this movie, wasn’t even with the movie itself.  I have noticed an innumerable amount of movie trailers that give away the ending (Don’t Answer the Phone, Quarantine, and the remake for Last House on the Left to name a few).  This is an advertising ploy that simply must stop.  What’s the point of seeing a film if you already know the shocking surprise?!  Dumb asses!  It makes my metalic blood boil just thinking about this subject.  I’d crush the heads of all the trailer editors responsible with my bear hands…if that were possible.  At the very least, a swift kick in the ass is in order.

Before I get too wound up, I will end here.  Take some time out of your day to watch Quarantine.  It’s a fun film with some nice death scenes.  \m/


One Response to The Blair Zombie Project

  1. Gabriel says:

    I can’t watch Debra die… 😦

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