What’s Worse? You Decide

Kid Rock + Everlast = 3 good songs ruined. The thing about this that kind of bothers me is that on some level I actually respect both these guys. Kid Rock can legitimately play every instrument on stage and has recorded songs that I do enjoy. I’ll admit it, I rocked the fuck out to “Bawitaba” when it came out. Plus, Kid Rock is basically the Bruce Springsteen of Michigan (cue Oh Mars) As for Everlast, no one can deny the impact that “Jump Around” has on an intoxicated crowd of any age. It’s science.  It makes white people believe they can dance and rap. Also, in opposition to what another Detroit bad boy thinks about it, I enjoyed Whitey Ford Sings the Blues.

Anyway, that being said, both these songs suck balls. The question for you people is which sucks more balls? Please show your work.


3 Responses to What’s Worse? You Decide

  1. Oh Mars says:

    “All Summer Long” by a frucking landslide. Mainly because it gets stuck in my head so easily; making me want to take a bath with my toaster.
    I know that Bruce comment was a cute jab, so I’ll choose to ignore it. Please try to ignore the several booby traps that will be in your cubicle tomorrow.

  2. A2ThaCFoSho says:

    Neither should be called music. I think i’ll pull a Van Gogh now and cut off my ear. Thanks a bunch for posting that ‘noise.’ Lynyrd Skynyrd should be rolling in his grave right now.

  3. Gabriel says:

    Kid Rock is far worse.

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