A.B.D.C.’s “Beat Freaks” Tear S*it Up


MTV totally blows now a days.  There are only a handful of sweet ass shows that I will actually dare to watch, and America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) is one of them.  Secretly watching last week’s episode at work last night, I was blown away by the group who calls themselves Beat Freaks.  They have been ripping up the stage for the past few weeks now, with a crazy magical display last week.

Their set this week (part of a battle of the sexes episode), had a “master mix” version of Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold”, and the rock’n ladies nailed it.

beatfreaks_lb_0211Girls like this just don’t exsist in real life, I’m sorry.  Did you see that insane head spin?!  That girl “Shorty” is part alien.  I havn’t seen a head spin like that since Philip J. Fry’s septupple.  She even slid her glasses on her grill while drilling through the stage!  Even that robot/mirror thing at the begining had my eyes shooting out of their sockets, splattering against the tv screen.

I must remember to watch this Thursday’s episode, drunk or not.  But since it’s still 2 days away, here’s a little Katy Perry just because she f*cking rules.


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