Defender Destroys “God Of War: Chains Of Olympus”


Long have I awaited the savage return of Kratos.  Having hand delivered Zeus an epic ass whipping in God of War 2, my fingers were aching to guide “The Ghost of Sparta” towards further victories.  This time around was a bit different, but no less brutal.

It has come to my attention, that many people of this world have yet to taste the ferocious glory that is God of War.  All I can say is I pitty you all.  This is not only a video game, it is an experience of a life time that continues to bash heads into oblivion with each installment.  No words can be arranged in any way to capture just how grand this game is, so here is the trailer for the first God of War.

Needless to say, that game made my jaw hit the floor and shatter into a billion, jillion, killion pieces.  I had never played a game that made the word “brutality” come to life in such a beautiful way.  That was until the sequel fell off Mount Olympus and left a fucking epic sized crater in my living room.  God of War 2 starts with Kratos having taken the mantle of “The God of War”.  His bloodthirsty ways had become so sadistic that Athena striped him of his Godly powers.  Naturally, Kratos is bullshit.  He now sets his malevolent sites on the Gods themselves.  Take a peek:

By the Gods!  I must’ve plowed through both of those games a good dozen times, and yet I am still left awestruck when watching those scenes.

God of War: Chains of Olympus had me a bit worried.  The latest chapter in the tome of Kratos was crafted for the PSP.  I had only played the other two on a 32” screen, and now would have to squint my peepers with a hand held contraption.  I was certain they couldn’t capture the sheer enormity of God of War.  How wrong I was.  Chains of Olympus takes us back to when Kratos was in the service of the Gods, and ends exactly where game 1 begins.  I don’t want to hear any bullshit about how I ruined the game, because if you had played game 1 you’d know the story already.  I had some difficulty with the controls, mostly because there was only one analog stick (you need to use both on the ps2 versions).  But even with the lack of stick, the graphics blew my mind, and the combat was down right barbaric.  Take a little look see:

Upon completion of Chains of Olympus, I have to say I was left both amazed and depressed.  The story of Kratos has snared me tightly in it’s chaos chains, so to have such crazy emotions about a damned video game is natural.  I can only hope that God of War 3 (due out this year on the PS3) will persist in slaying all those who lay their hands on a controler.  With what I’ve seen so far, it looks to be the best God of War to date.  But until a PS3 makes its way into my entertainment quarters, my days will be spent reliving the events in the tragic life of Kratos.


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