Cinematic Titanic: Ripping Somerville A New One


The events that took place last night will forever be branded into my brain.  I shit you not; it was like every geek, nerd, dork, and loser from the four corners of MA gathered for an evening of hilarity (and BEER!).  Every inch of The Somerville Theater was packed with the oily flesh of basement dwellers, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their Sci-fi Gods.  They are the ones who have made us leap for our asthma medicine for over 20 years.  The most under rated actors/comedians/writers of all time…..The cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000

Placing my fanny in my cramped seat by the skin of my teeth, Cinematic Titanic had begun.  Groober, (the crowd warmer-upper guy) got out humor glands salivating for a giggle induced heart attack with some rather bitch’n haikus.  I know, that doesn’t sound funny at all, but you weren’t there were you.  No.  You weren’t.  So shut up.  Now, J. Elvis Weinstein (the man who was the original sidekick of Dr. Clayton Forrester, and voice/puppeteer of Tom Servo) joined Groober in his poetic preachings by driving pounding bass lines into our souls.

joel-editFrank Conniff (TV’s and DVD’s Frank) came out for a little talkie talk.  He gave us his pitch for a new animated action cartoon.  In the style of the Gilligan’s Island and MST3K themes, Frank performed the show’s theme song.  Never did I imagine that Frank could karate chop with such unbridled enthusiasm, but his rampant undulations were totally on point.

It seemed as if we were stuck in a time warp, for every time Groober checked for how much time he had left, he always had 10 minutes left.  Damn time altering bastards.  But once the entire cast was introduced, Joel Hodgson showed us his Invention Exchange for the night.  He took the song device from a musical birthday card, palmed it in his hand, then put his hand in his pocket.  Music started to play, and he called it “Party in your Pants”.  Fucking genius.

As for the “movie” part of the evening, Blood of the Vampire was the target of their vicious riffing.  Chalk full of horrible acting, out of sync audio, and people in “black face”, the cast did a marvelous job shredding the hell out of every second of the film.  In fact, I think this was their best riffing to date, and having been there in person just made it that more enjoyable.

The biggest suprise of the night (for me at least) was finding out that it was Joel’s birthday.  Everyone in the audience took part in a chorus of “Happy Birthday” for our friendly leader.  You could tell that Joel was very grateful for us just being there.  He is one of the nicest guys on the face of the planet.

With the show at it’s end, a cacophony of stomping nerds herded its way to form a super line for the meet and greet.  I knew that I was in the presence of mega geeks, but seeing the plethora of novelty MST3K items unnerved me.  Why in the hell didn’t I bring any of MINE!?  My X-Files tee shirt didn’t stand a chance.  Thankfully, a rather striking looking theater employee was selling DVDs and photos to get signed.  Every single member of the cast from Trace Beaulieu (Dr. Clayton Forrester/Crow T. Robot) to Mary Jo Pehl (Forrester’s mother Pearl Forrester) couldn’t have been more friendly.

Here are some of the pictures from last night’s event.  I want to say right now that my seat was up in the boonies, and I don’t own a killer camera, so some of them might be a tad on the fuzzy side.

Upon Arrival:


Groober and Mary Jo:


J Elvis and Groober:


J Elvis and Frank Conniff:


The start of the show:


Celebrating the birth of Joel:


Trace Beaulieu:


J Elvis:


Mary Jo:






I shall never forget the laughter, good times, and near urination of my trousers for as long as I live.  Cinematic Titanic was an experience of a lifetime; one that I hope to re-create.  Until that time, the only thing to do to satisfy my MSTie urge is to watch MST3K to the point of catatonia.

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