Trip to Mechanic Reveals Greatest Thing Ever

So a fine upstanding Sandy, Utah citizen, who had recently purchased a used Nissan Armada SUV, was a bit concerned that the gas gauge would not go beyond the half way mark so he took his vehicle to the mechanic to look into the problem… and a wave or regret ensued. The mechanic looks into gas tank and finds 35 pounds of weed in plastic-wrap packages filling approximately have the tank. The vehicle has had several previous owners and was also a rental car so finding out who this treasure trove of ganja belongs to is a little tricky. Now I was thinking about this and I initially I would have been pretty disappointed, but then I realized that no one just lets 35 pounds of weed go unaccounted for. Someone is going to looking for that shit. Hard. I have to think that this guy was pretty damn close to getting caught up in his own real life version of No Country for Old Men. (Source)


4 Responses to Trip to Mechanic Reveals Greatest Thing Ever

  1. A2ThaCFoSho says:

    So basically every person the owner drove by got stoned out of their mind from the exhaust fumes. Niiice. The weed in the gas tank is not a mistake though. The car is a prototype of the new environmentally friendly vehicles coming out soon. They are safer too because drivers are so stoned they drive like 20 mph under the speed limit. And while oil companies won’t be making as much profit, the fast food industry stands to make more. Who doesn’t want an Oreo McFlurry when their stoned?

  2. reed says:

    GUUUUUUUUUUUUHH… where can i get that mod?

  3. Pete Zorbist says:

    damn anton chigurh is about to wreak heads.

  4. Leon Lett says:

    funny story…haha…yeah…so I was supposed to pick up this rental car a month back or so for my boss, Big Tony. And I did of course.

    “Leon, pick up the red rental car. The RED one.”

    But you see, I’m color blind, and I got the wrong car…and…well, now I lose a toe a day until I find the right car…

    …so, like, if you could give me a call Mr. Mechanic, sir, my toes would really appreciate it.

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