Great Moments in IN YOUR FACE! History

These people thought they were going to get the best of this dead whale, but this mighty mammal had a few tricks up his sleeve. Well, just one I guess: Plastering the idiotic onlookers in his rotting whale remains. IN YOUR FACE!


One Response to Great Moments in IN YOUR FACE! History

  1. A2ThaCFoSho says:

    Geico representative: Thank you for holding how can we assist your call today?
    Customer: Yeh, ugh, i need to find out if the damaged just caused to my car is covered by my insurance policy..
    Geico: What kind of damage did the car sustain? Was it a result of something you did?
    Customer: No, a whale did it.
    Geico: Im sorry sir, you say a whale did it?…
    Customer: As a matter of fact i did.
    Geico: We dont take kindly to prank calls!
    Customer: No really! It was all over the news, see for yourself!
    Geico: Hmm..i see. Were you taunting it?
    Customer: Well…we did blow him up. And when he exploded his carcus came flying down like a meteor and hit my car!
    Geico: Well, if what your saying is true..looking at your policy you do have Comprehensive physical damage coverage which “covers damage to your car if it is stolen; or damaged by flood, fire or animals.”
    Customer: Sweeeet!!! Back in YOUR face whale!

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