Record Breaking Nails Broken

Lee Redmond, the one-time Guinness Book of World Records record-holder for the longest fingernails in the world, was involved in a car accident and has had her record-breaking nails broken off. Redmond’s hands featured more than 28 feet of fingernails which had not been cut, trimmed or bitten since 1979. Redmond experienced serious, but non-life threatening injuries in the accident.

I’m glad that Lee is not experiencing lift-threatening injuries, but while searching for a picture for this post I realized how repulsed I was by her fingernails. Just think about all the grim and germs that accumulates under those nails… Those things were gnarly and any world record that rewards laziness and a complete disregard for personal hygiene is not a world record in my book. I do feel some sympathy for Lee though, I mean she was probably as attached to those things as a 50 year old single women is to her lap dog. (source)

True record holders

One Response to Record Breaking Nails Broken

  1. Patrick says:

    to bad she was not impaled by her own nail to teach other freeky nail people the error of there ways … how is the nail lady affording those rings wtf?

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