“My Name Is Bruce” In Review


Bruce Campbell is one of the most under rated actors of our time.  With the exceptions of The Man with the Screaming Brain, and Alien Apocalypse, Bruce has stared in cult classic after cult classic (Evil Dead, Maniac Cop, and Bubba Ho-tep just to name a few).  As much as I hate to admit it, most of his fans aren’t all that bright.  The Bruce super fans have even fewer neurons sparking in their heads, and My Name Is Bruce proves just that.

A Bruce Campbell super fan from the town of Gold Lick, joins one of his buddies in some late night debauchery in the local ancient cemetery.  After taking some major flack for his love of Bruce, and getting rejected by a sexy ass goth chick, Jeff stupidly releases Guan-di (the Chinese God of Battle, protector of the dead, and protector of bean curd) from his caved in gold mine prison.  Who will save Gold Lick from this terrifying evil?  You guessed it.  Jeff tracks down Bruce Campbell and “convinces” him to save the town.  But being the Bruce that he is, the rescue won’t come without some cheeky remarks, and well placed cowardice.

My Name Is Bruce is hilarious.  In fact, it’s so hilarious you’ll crap someone else’s pants.  It takes a real man to be a tender chicken, and an even greater man to direct a movie that’s sole purpose is making fun of himself (does that sound right?).  Everything that’s I’ve loved about Bruce’s movies is in this film.  From his smart ass quipps, to Ted Raimi playing 3 different rolls, to cast members from all three Evil Dead films (Ellen Sandweiss who played Cheryl in Evil Dead, Dan Hicks who played Jake in Evil Dead II, and Tim Quill who was the Blacksmith in Army of Darkness), My Name Is Bruce is 84 minutes of non-stop fun.

Some of the special features include a behind the scenes mash up of on-set footage, trailers, and a groovy little comic book as a bonus prize.

Now today may be Friday the 13th, and tradition mandates a marathon of all things Jason Voorhees.  RBM says we break that tradition, and watch every Bruce Campbell movie we can get our furry little paws on (mostly due to the fact that they’re way better than the shit re-make that got released today).  Staying inside, curled up on the sofa, and watching My Name Is Bruce is a great way to relax on this beautiful sunny day.  To hell with the outside world.  Be like me; down a Dr. Pepper every 5 minutes, and eat junk food until your heart explodes.


2 Responses to “My Name Is Bruce” In Review

  1. probot8 says:

    Today shall forever be known as Friday the Bruceteenth.

  2. otto says:

    this was awesome

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