Different Bay To Direct “Nightmare” Re-Make


Even though the thought of an Elm Street re-make causes my brain to hemorrhage, knowing that Michael Bay is no longer directing it eases the pooling blood in my skull. /Film discovered that Samuel Bayer will be the conductor of this disaster train, and it still looks like an inevitable derailment is in store. Bayer’s directing “skills” have only been for projects lasting a mighty 2-5 minutes. That’s right. He’s a music video director. The only way he could make Nightmare on Elm Street any better would be if he directed Dokken’s “Dream Warriors”. Then I could at least walk into this atrocity with a mildly open mind.

(just because that video is super sweet)


One Response to Different Bay To Direct “Nightmare” Re-Make

  1. probot8 says:

    Music video director? Does that mean the new Elm Street is going to be a musical? I find musicals challenging to follow because people don’t typically communicate by singing to one another.

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