Thursday Throwbacks: 2/12/09


You know what’s cool?  Dinosaurs!  It doesn’t matter if you’re 8 or 28, dinosaurs kick major ass.  But what would it be like if those long dead dinos could talk?  Not only talk, but wear sweet outfits, and battle each other good vs. evil style?  There was this little show called Dinosaucers, that blasted its way out of the Jurassic and into our living rooms back in ’87, that gave us just that.  Hold onto your butts, and let’s “Dinovolve” with the first two episodes of Dinosaucers.

Every episode I could find was without the theme song.  Can you f*cking believe that shit!!  I will not deny you an intro of monumental proportions, so get your ass kicked properly and watch the intro.

It truly is a steeming pile of cretatious crap that this show only lasted one season.  We never get to see all of the Dinosaucers do their “Dinovolving” thang, and even now that bums me out.  That was one of the awesome parts of the show that I looked forward to every week.  I bet some mega dick in a corperate boardroom circle-jerk felt my life wasn’t full of enough dissapointment, and thought it would be worth a few laughs to kill off the dinosaurs for a second time.  Yeah, that’s just what I needed.  I wouldn’t know anger that severe untill the time I found out ALF was a puppet, and Pee-Wee was a prevert.  Growing up sucks!  See ya next week dudes and dudettes.  \m/

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