Sheriff Leon Lott is a Douche

So, this is the man that is going around arresting people in connection with the Michael Phelps Bongate scandal and he’s a giant douche. Mr. Lott has an extremely decorated background in public service and law enforcement, but once again, he’ a giant douche.

According to this source, Lott is making a big stink about not wanting Phelps to be treated differently because of his fame. Oh, really? Then it’s safe to assume that South Caroline pursues arrests in all instances where a photo is published of someone ripping a bong in the state? This guy is a fucking lunatic on a power trip who only wants to get his name in the news and let everyone know he’s the big swinging dick. People are already making a stink about how much of a waste of tax dollars this round-up is; however, Lott has already shown that he has no problem doing things that are completely unnecessary. After some research on Lott I stumbled on this article by Radley Blako:

In March the sheriff and SWAT team of Richland County, South Carolina, posed for a photo with an impressive new piece of equipment: an M113A1 armored personnel carrier. The vehicle, which moves on tank-like tracks, features a belt-fed, turreted machine gun that fires .50-caliber rounds.

The sheriff, Leon Lott, obtained the $300,000 vehicle through the 1033 program, named for a 1997 federal law streamlining the Defense Department’s transfer of surplus military equipment to local police departments…

Charles Earl Barnett, a U.S. Marines veteran and retired police major who has served on several United Nations and NATO military and peacekeeping missions, says a .50-caliber machine gun is “completely inappropriate” for domestic police work. It “causes mass death and destruction,” Barnett says. “It’s indiscriminate. I can’t think of a possible scenario where it would be appropriate.”

Sheriff Lott has named his new acquisition The Peacemaker, explaining in a press release that the name is fitting because “the bible refers to law enforcement in Matthew 5:9 ‘Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.’ ”

Check out Lott looking super tough with this bad boy. Way to go GI Joe.


3 Responses to Sheriff Leon Lott is a Douche

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I thank you for editing that. I’d rather stare at Jack Palance’s ass for 5 hours without blinking than see that photo again. There’s ‘nice’ preggers, there’s ‘holy crap’ preggers, then there’s that. It’s like 303lb tumor lady all over again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    btw, wordpress hates me, and comments occasionally get posted on wrong pages, lol. I didn’t even open this topic yet. I’m sure you can figure out which topic this goes to.

  3. Wow, what a tool. Jesus would be so proud of a guy prosecuting famous people to make a name and using public money to buy weapons of death and destruction to use against the public. He should have driven that monstrous thing to the Phelps house to make the arrest.

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