Pictures of Pregant Octomom


I used to think pregnant woman were glowing visions of beauty, but Octomom makes me sick. TMZ released these pictures of Nadya Suleman before they cut eight babies out of her and I hate them for it. They should show this picture to every teenage girl in New Jersey.

(Editor’s Note: The above pictured has been altered because it was making us all woozy. Click the TMZ link to see the real thing)


2 Responses to Pictures of Pregant Octomom

  1. Anonymous says:

    sometimes I hate wordpress, haha. occasionally it places my comments in a different topic I hadn’t even opened yet. Check probot8’s topic about Sherrif Leon Lott for the followup. Which is odd, ’cause I hadn’t even opened that topic yet.

  2. probot8 says:

    Imagine if all her kids looked like Gary Busey! We’d be calling her Gary Buso-mom.

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