Product of the Week

Brought to you from the great people at, this is a little game called Shocking Duel. Tagline: Who Can Endure the Most Pain? Basically, you and your buddy do a few shots of jager then each grab a hold of one of these sadistic “joysticks” and it will incrementally shock you at higher voltages until you find out who the bigger vagine is. Don’t believe me? Well listen to what the people who reviewed Shocking Duel on had to say.

Five Star Review:

This is an excellent product, but not for the weak of heart!
It begins with a slight tickling at your fingertips, but it eventually progresses to an extremely painfull shock that runs up to your shoulder.

I challenged the guys in my youth group to this game and beat or tied all of them – you can only tie your opponent if you make it through all of the rounds and no one lets go of their handle. (The last round is a constant, excruciating shock for about twenty seconds.)

I highly recommend this product to pain-tolerant, slightly daredevil-ish people.

I’m glad this reviewer told me how a tie works and that he was superior or equal to all the other ruffians in his youth group. That’s pretty rugged competition right there. Youth group rules state that Jesus hates the loser, so you know they’re motivated.

Another Five Star Review:

brought the shock duel to thanksgiving with my family. we all had a great time with it. even my grammom got into the action! was a good time!

What kind of evil bastard plays this game with their grandmother?! She must have some crazy dough that this terrible grandchild just can’t wait to get his greedy paws on.

This thing is evil, but I think Oh Mars and I may have found the subject of our next scientific investigation. I have a bad feeling about this one.

4 Responses to Product of the Week

  1. Turtle says:

    wow, i need one of these. that is the craziest awesomest thing ever.

  2. Oh Mars says:

    $30 bucks? Let’s split the cost and have a RBM championship.

  3. A2ThaCFoSho says:

    I can only imagine how many brain cells get killed playing this thing. I’de be willing to bet that the winner of each group is prob. also the dumbest! Additionally, parents might soon get their hands on this product, and when they do…watch out little Johnny. Punishment of five minutes holding the high voltage joysticks might put the old “don’t make me get the belt” trick to shame. Little Johnny will be sure to eat all his vegetables from then on out. Hmm..would that be considered cruel and unusual punishment?

  4. Tim Fulton says:

    no no no no…this thing is se- se- seriously awesome! I’ll beat anyone at shock duel!!!

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