Well, This Came Out of Left Field; XENACON


The first annual Xena Warrior Princess Convention was held over the weekend at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel and while I have retained nothing about that show from when it was on, I would have chewed my own leg off to have attended this thing. I’m sure the percentage of attractive/interesting fans was drastically overshadowed by the number of absolute fucking psychopaths, but it still sounded like a good time:

On how he came up with the Xena opening-credit song, composer Jo Lo Duca says: “We thought about the warrior princess and where she might have evolved from. We used that whole strong Bulgarian women’s singing style. You know there’s that bagpipe in the beginning? That’s actually sheep stomach. The point is, that sound really turns the women on. Wait,” he says, as someone hands him a note. “A customized Xena hubcap was stolen from a Xena car in the parking lot. I don’t believe it was anyone from the convention who did that. We don’t travel like that.” (WTF is a “Xena Car?” – editor)

Then they air a music video directed by fans in which Xena and her naive sidekick, Gabrielle, snuggle by a campfire, wash each other’s backs in a hot bath, and consummate their secret love. It receives a standing ovation, an Amazonian whooping fit to bring the house down. (Source)

They may not be holding up convenient stores with chakram props, but these elderly lezzies know how to have a good time. I guess…



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