Thursday Throwbacks: 2/5/09


It’s cold today.  Super cold.  Like, call out of work and stay home and watch 80’s cartoons all day cold.  I bring to you a forgotten hit that, much like Starcom, the toys out-shined the show.  Telling you the premmise of this righteous animation of awesomeness it pointless.  If you pay attention to the intro, you’ll get the complete rundown.  So hold onto your sphincters, squeeze the hell out of your My Pet Monster, and get ready to be rocked by Jace and the Wheeled Warriors:

Man! Still as good as when I use to smash Saw Boss and Jayce’s vehicles heat on, repeatedly, until my mom would yell at me for breaking toys she’d just bought me.  Those where the days.

Remember…drop some requests for some old cartoons.  I may have an abnormaly large knowledge of most things 80’s, but there are some shows that even I might not’ve known about.  See ya next week fuckers \m/


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