Crazy Crap 2/5/09

One thing that you all should notice about this video, the dude that’s interviewing Corpsegrinder only asked him what things he does while on tour.  Corpsegrinder then goes on an epic tirade about W.O.W.

This solidifies my decision to never play that damn game.  Look how fucking nuts it makes people!!!  Would you want to piss off a big son of a bitch like George “Corpsegrinder” Fischer?  I think not.  But that’s what happens to people who play that mind fuck of a video game.  It turns them into psychopaths who are ready to shoot themselves if their character’s die, or their online girlfriends dump them.  Frankly, if you’re lame enough to have a computer lady friend (who is most definitely a dude, just so you know), you need to get a life….immediately.


One Response to Crazy Crap 2/5/09

  1. Patrick says:

    holy shit he is into wow

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