Stills From “Tales Of The Black Freighter”


I must have Watchmen fever, or something of that variety. With it’s release about a month away, it’s understandable why I would. So here’s some more Watch-news….

Because Zack Snyder had to cut the Tales of the Black Freighter story from the film, he has chosen to tell the story on it’s own in the form of animation. It will be stuffing the shelves of every DVD shope on March 24th, and here are some stills:




It does sadden me to know that we won’t be seeing a live-action version of the dude riding on a raft of corpses, while he feeds on a live gull that was pecking the hell out of one of the bodies. But the fact that you can get away with more gore in anime does make me a little giddy thinking how they’re gonna portray the story. And judging by these shots, they look to be on the right track.

One Response to Stills From “Tales Of The Black Freighter”

  1. Gabriel says:

    It’s been said that the DVD of The Watchmen will include a mode where you can play the movie with the Black Freighter scenes interspersed as it is in the graphic novel.

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