Prick Of The Month: February ’09


While racking my brain for an extreme entity of douchieness, my answer popped on the television screen.  He’s the Travel Channel’s own Andrew Zimmern, and he’s the only man next to Rambo who eats things that would make a billygoat puke.

If ever you have the time, take a sit-down and watch Zimmern’s show Bizzare Foods.  He travels the globe in search of the strangest, most outlandish, and simply disgusting food items that are feasted upon regularly in different cultures.  Personally, the stuff that I’ve seen this guy ingest makes me want to expell my turkey sandwitch into his jolly lap.  There’s a good reason why goat testicles, still beating snake hearts, animal rectum, and cow urine are thrown to the gulls.  They…ARe…REFUSE!!!!  Nobody needs to feel the eye fluid of a sheep burst forth from it’s ocular container and ozze it’s way down their gullet.  Leave them for the crows to peck at you bald freak of nature!

bizarre-foods-andrew-zimmern-04Now before the culinary views of the entire internet start flooding the pages of RBM, remember that this is my personal oppinion.  I love gnawing on the muscle tissue of a finely cooked animal as much as the next carnivore, but use some common sense.  You couldn’t pay me enough green to insert a grilled emperor scorpion into mouth.  Nor will you ever find me tearing my perly whites through the bulbous, twisting, form of a jumbo grub with a squid ink chaser.  The last time I checked, we’re the dominant life form on the planet.  We’ve evolved beyond the need for such lunch time antics, and it’s high time that some of you attention whores got with the program.

See for yourself the extent of Andrew’s gluttony.  The following vids are an episode of Bizzare Foods, in witch Zimmern takes a trip to the Philippines.  Watch…if you dare.

Even though Zimmern tosses in a little info on the lands he visits, he still doesn’t need to consume the foods a maggot would form in.  100 bucks says that this dude was that kid in his elementary school that would eat bucket after bucket of live worms.  Any takers?


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