NY Post Has Whacked Out Definitions of “Celebrity” and “Fat”


The NY Post has reacted to the recent published photos of “fat” Jessica Simpson by posting a photo gallery of 50 fat celebrities. They must have spent about 10 minutes making this shitty list. It features Wendy Kaufman, the “Snapple Lady.” Uhhhmm, really? You mean Wendy from the 1994 Snapple commercials? She’s a celebrity? I haven’t even thought about her since middle school. Also on the list are Kelly LeBrock, from the 1985 movie Weird Science, Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando, Orson Welles, and Robert De Niro. Are you okay NY Post? DeNiro aint fat and a bunch of people on your list have been dead for a long time. Maybe the folks at the Post just saw Raging Bull and thought it came out in the past six months?


Fat Joe is on the list, which I have to admit is awesome. Crack!

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