Thursday Throwbacks: 1/29/09


Being a child that was hatched at the dawn of the 80’s, I was privy to many a great shows in my time. Many of these shows have been either forgotten, tossed aside, or slipped so far under the radar that only a geek of my caliber would’ve watched them. Today I bring one of such shows to you. So pull on your Wuzzles slippers, dawn your He-Man pj’s, and pour yourself a bowl of Ghostbuster’s cereal, cuz here comes the Tigersharks!

Regretfully, you will have no closure as to what befalls the Tigersharks. Part 3 of the episode has yet to be uploaded to the youtube. But as soon as lukaslukaslukas4 decides to stop being a lazy mazy, the conclusion to “Voyage To Water-O” shall find it’s new nautical home at RBM.

If there are any cartoons from your larva phase that you’d like to see, leave some suggestions, and I just might rock your world in the coming weeks…..if I feel like it. \m/


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