Getting out of work 6 hours early is a grand occasion.  The mind is bombarded with thoughts of “Sweet!”, and “This RULES!”, and “What am I going to do for the rest of the night?”.  For me, the obvious choice was to call a few buds, hit up CVS for some snackie foods, and have a viewing of HULK VS which was released only yesterday.

In a fantastic two-for-one deal, HULK VS comes with both new animated MARVEL features HULK VS THOR and HULK VS WOLVERINE.  As much as I believe that Thor is the greatest of the great, it only seemed natural to give Wolverine the pole position.  Little did I know that making that choice would awesome my brain into next week.

hulk-vs-wolverine-preview1It is well known that Wolverine is an epic bad-ass, but rarely do we get to see his unbridled ferocity on screen.

Here’s the basic run-down.  Wolverine is hired to track down The HULK who crossed into Canada and is tearing the wilderness a new sphincter.  When the two finally meet up, they trade menacing blow after menacing blow, giving each other a run for their money.  The Hulk pounded Wolverine so hard (insert dirty gay joke here) that I honestly thought he killed him.  He didn’t though…so chill.

Like most of you are probably thinking, this looks/sounds as if this DVD is solely a fight between two MARVEL titans.  You.  Are.  Wrong.  I had the same preconceived doubts, but was happily put in my place by the nice little story that came along with the battle.   This short movie isn’t just about two freaks duking it out in the Canadian forest, there’s an origin story on Wolverine to boot.  His days in the Weapon-X Project are shown, as well as a few other MARVEL characters.  I want to say who they are, but doing so would ruin the experience.  All of you should have the same jaw-dropping, bonerific time that I did.

Take a look at the trailer.  I’m sure it’ll be just the scrotal tickle you need to solidify your thoughts on buying this DVD.

168666-thor_400Next up on the animated adventure was HULK VS THOR.  It is the time of Odin’s Rest, and evil beings from the nine worlds have descended upon Asgard.  Like many times before, Thor and the many Gods of the Aesir send the monsters, giants, and dark elves on a one way train to Hel.  Loki, on the other hand, has an ace up his crafty sleeve.  He has transported Dr. Banner from Midgard (our realm) and plans to use the HULK as a tool of destruction.

Thor, having tangled with the green menace before, knows damn fool well that Asgard is doomed.  He must stop this raging beast from leveling all, or it is certain doom for the Nine Worlds.

HULK VS THOR was fantastic, but unfortunately wasn’t as face melting as HULK VS WOLVERINE.  Thor puts up a valiant fight, but he just can’t match Wolverine’s animal tenacity.

I’m very torn between these two films as I sit here to compare and contrast.  Both had their moments of “HOLY SHIT! DID YOU SEE THAT?!”, and both dealt with characters that I have loved since I was a little Viking.  Perhaps the only way for me to decide is to simply spend my entire shift at work tonight re-watching them both.

Maybe you can help me out with this horrific conundrum I’m dealing with.  Watch the HULK VS THOR trailer then hit up Best Buy, Newbury Comics, or Target and get this DVD.  Return here and leave your thoughts, cuz I have a sneaky suspicion that it’s going to be a while before I finally pick a side.

Damn it!  I want a sweet ass cape too!

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