Screenwriter Mike White and Dad Race Amazingly


Super talented screenwriter Mike White (Nacho Libre, School of Rock, Chuck & Buck) will be competing on CBS’s The Amazing Race this season, joined by his father Mel. Mel is the founder of the gay rights group Soulforce (which also happens to be my nephew’s band name on Rock Band). From their official blurb:

Mike and Mel had a pretty typical family life until Mike was 11 years old, which is when Mel told the family that he was gay. Mel and Mike’s mother remained married until Mike and his sister, Erinn, went to college. Mel is now married to his life partner of 27 years, Gary Nixon.

Yeah, like a gay guy and a writer are gonna win The Amazing Race. Pssssht. Mel is going to be too afraid of breaking a nail to even leave the Holiday Inn and Mike is going to write a movie about something queer or something. Just kidding. I hope they kick ass. And I hope this influences Training Day scribe David Ayer to go on the Real World. Or influences Diablo Cody to jump off a roof.

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