Python vs. Gator: You Make the Call


A battle of epic proportions took place in the Florida Everglades with neither party emerging victorious, well, besides us I guess. In one corner we have 13 ft. Burmese python, in the opposite corner a 6 ft. alligator. In what would have been the first victory for Team Python, it is believed that while being swallowed the gator actually chewed through the snake’s stomach and eventually exploded out of it. Both were found dead. According to the source, there have only been four previous recorded meetings between these two species and in each instance the gator has won or a “draw” was reached. And by that I think they mean both died. The science guy in the article notes that this could challenge gators’ position as apex predators in the Everglades.  Huh, no shit, we’re learning here people. Honestly, I find this disgusting, awesome and disgusting. I only wish the Discovery Channel could have been there to capture these two mixing it up. Florida, you never cease to amaze.

So, this leads to the obvious question: If you could pit two awesomely ferocious beasts against each other, who would they be?


3 Responses to Python vs. Gator: You Make the Call

  1. Oh Mars says:

    My dick and Anne Hathaway’s ass.

  2. the good doctor says:

    i was hoping people would go for more probable death matches, like probot and twa, or a yetti and a wookie. on a side, note, twa does a great anne hathaway… do i smell bromance?

  3. […] beast to rule them all. This, of course, would go down in what I can only imagine would be my ferocious beast cage match wet dream. Then it would go a on a plane and eat Samuel L. Jackson. I didn’t see that […]

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